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Eve of Dark Horizons: Part One of the Draconian Series

The world is in tremendous danger, threatened by dark forces acting in the shadows. One individual, Mr. Black and his partner Dr. Kline, yearns to open the world’s gateway in order to allow a dominion of evil in, intent on destroying all life as we know it and rebuilding it in its own dark image.
In answer to this threat, there stands only a handful of teens who are only starting to learn about themselves and their unique gifts. Seventeen-year-old Kyra Mathews believes she is a normal, if gifted, high school student, but she soon finds herself drawn into a world she could never have imagined, one in which angels sneak about and dragons hide among us. With the help of a small group of friends—some of whom hide amazing secrets—Kyra must take her place in the fight against evil and help to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Although she doesn’t know it, her journey began millennia ago and will continue for generations to come.
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